Niwot: 1980s and Into the 1990s

May 21, 2023 | Featured, News, Videos

Did you know that Niwot had a live nude dancing venue in the 1980s? The Ace of Hearts was located at 112 2nd Avenue, now occupied by Little Bird.

The show was apparently short-lived. Kathy Koehler said she contacted the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office to see if anyone recalled the business. “One former deputy remembers this location,” Koehler said. “She remembers that the business was open for about three weeks. The closure was related to liquor license issues rather than an eviction closure.”

Koehler, president of the Niwot Historical Society (NHS), delivered the anecdote about the Ace of Hearts and many other stories during the Society’s second Now & Then lecture of the season at the Left Hand Grange No. 9 during the evening of April 26.

The topic was “Niwot: 1980s and into the 1990s.” Koehler regaled the full house with 45 minutes of storytelling followed by an invitation for members of the audience to tell some of their stories of those decades. Thanks to the photographic donations from Niwotians recently and over the years which are now in the photograph archive curated by the NHS, Koehler had plenty of visual evidence to back up the stories.

Story by Leonard Sitongia

© Left Hand Valley Courier. Used by permission.

The YouTube video of the April 26 lecture by Kathy Koehler with stories about Niwot in the 1980s and 1990s.