Niwot Home & Garden Club

By: Kathy Koehler

By 1946, Niwot had around two hundred residents. A community garden was designed and created at the corner of Second Avenue and Murray Street by a group of ladies who started the Niwot Home & Garden Club. The flower garden was around the original Niwot bandstand which was a community gathering place. The bandstand was not currently in use, so the legs were sawed off and it then became a gazebo. This gazebo was near the Niwot Depot so the garden greeted visitors arriving on the train.

These women hand dug shovel-by-shovel in the hard clay soil to prepare for planting. They hauled materials in buckets and collected rocks in fields and stream beds to create borders and pathways in the garden.

The Garden Club met monthly. Membership was limited to 25 and they had a waiting list of others who were interested in joining. The Club belonged to the Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs and created floral tray-decorations from Niwot flowers for patients at Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver and participated in many state and local garden activities.

“We Sow, We Grow, We Show” was the theme for their 1953 flower show held at the Left Hand Grange Hall. Ribbons were awarded by visiting judges.   

The entire Niwot community enjoyed the flower garden for many years. Throughout its lifetime, the community garden, created by the Niwot Home & Garden Club, was a source of community pride. When the railroad sold the land for commercial development in the early 1970s the original garden had faded. 

Niwot Home and Garden Club Ladies