Doctor & Pharmacy/ Newspaper – 198 2nd Ave

By: Niwot Historical Society

Niwot’s Doctor and Pharmacy
Built in 1909, Niwot’s first resident doctor set up his practice at the northwest corner of Second Avenue at Franklin Street.  Before Dr. Dasef was a resident doctor and again after he moved from Niwot, patients needed to travel to neighboring towns or rely on traveling doctors.  Patients also relied on mail order medicines from catalogues, traveling medicine wagons selling tinctures to cure all ailments, or their own home remedies.

Niwot’s Newspaper
Edward Hays was the Editor and his wife Florence Hays served as Associate Editor of the Niwot Tribune.  In the first issue, the newspaper was filled with business and social news along with school information.  Advertisements included Bill Buchert’s General Store, the Niwot State Bank, Livingston Hotel, Hogsett Lumber and Reverend Taylor’s White House Grocery Store.

Doyle Hornbaker was owner and Editor of the Niwot Tribune from 1946-1958.

The building was landmarked by Boulder County and became part of the Niwot Historic District in 1993.  The property has served as a doctor’s office, newspaper, antique furniture store and other businesses.

Doyle Hornbaker, Editor, 1946-1958

Niwot Tribune Building, 1946

Niwot Tribune Building, Aug 2022