Niwot’s Willowdale School Class ca 1904

Framed photo of Willowdale School Class ca 1904, Back row: ______, ______, Rose “Babe” Wilcox, Katie Wilcox, and Maude. In middle row: Ray Woodcock is the boy with a hat. Entire student body (17 students) and young male teacher are standing in front of the school. This School was located at the intersection of Niwot Road at Franklin Street. Frame is decorative plaster over 5/8″ wooden molding. Photograph is numbered 176. On the back is written: “Around 1904. Roselle Wilcox, Naomi Tilbury’s mother” and “Inez Johnson Dodd”. Photographer: “Ed. Tangen the Pictureman, He makes picture frames, 1407 Pearl St., Boulder, COLO.” This is digital photo A3,032.

Object Date: ca 1904

Object Name: Photograph, Framed (Communications Artifact)

Accession No: 2008.04.03