Niwot Quilt

Sixteen block quilt, depicting a Niwot theme. Light blue border, backed with patterned cotton, joined with dark blue binding. Mounting sleeve attached to top. Hand sewn by Niwot quilters’ group. Quilt block makers: ROW 1: U.S. Army, Janice Stutts; Caboose, Tracey Snow; Fire House, Alanna Ruby. ROW 2: Left Hand Grange #9, Dorinda Dembroski; Chief Niwot, Joan van der Heide; Sugar Beets, Janice Stutts. ROW 3: Finger Piano Co., Phyllis Oster; Niwot, Emily DeCillis/Jane Langdon; Niwot State Bank, Emily DeCillis. ROW 4: Eagle Place, Virginia Black; Early Niwot Names, Jeananne Wright; Baseball Team, Jeananne Wright.

Emily DeCillis organized the project, sewed the blocks together and machine quilted it. Jeananne Wright assisted in finishing the wall hanging and attached the binding and sleeve. It was made specifically for display at the Grange during Nostalgia Day, Sept. 11, 2004.



Object Date: 2004

Object Name: Quilt (Furnishings, bedding)

Accession No: 2010.03.01